A mix of digital illustration and photo collage, often done in bed while YouTube videos play in the background, Dorrey’s work upends all expectation and definition. He only pursues an idea if he can’t resist the impulse to begin, leading to explosive images that can hardly be contained inside the two dimensional surface. It’s this sense of urgency that makes the images so compelling, drawing your eyes endlessly to the work.


Dorrey spends hours at a time creating a single piece. Somewhere inside them lurks a secret visual language that the artist has developed over the years, a kind of personal mythology that links colors and imagery into a mode of acid-bathed storytelling.


The sheer freedom of his imagination is immediately recognizable and fascinating, giving rise to an aesthetic entirely Dorrey’s own. The oversaturated colors and digital distortions are concrete things we can point to, but the dramatic shifts in subject matter and emotional tones keep us from ever feeling like we completely understand the artist.


HALSI, 2021

Halsi is a self-taught artist and designer based out of Orlando, Florida. Halsi's controversial work includes a human-like figure/icon titled "Everyone" - painted in two-dimensional compositions of color. Halsi's work is said to be an allegorical combination of nature and love, of life and death. Reflected in his work is the idea of morality as easy to grasp but hard to hold onto given the struggles of occupational and environmental pressures. Halsi's signature "Everyone" icon is just as likely to be seen in fine art galleries, as on urban streets throughout the country. His work has been consistently met with equal parts praise and criticism. Nonetheless, Halsi continues to explore everyone.