Top 5 Celebrities with NFT Projects

With NFTs breaking through in popularity recently, it should be no surprise that celebrities are getting in on the hype train. After all, there is lots of publicity and money to be made. So which celebrities are making big bank on their NFT collections. While there is a growing number of celebrities who are getting into the NFT game, we’re gonna take a look at five big names that have made a significant splash with their collection.

1). Snoop Dogg It should be no surprise that Snoop Dogg made the list. The rapper has gone from making hip-hop albums to promoting everything and anything under the sun. In the past few years, Snoop Dogg has founded several cannibal companies partnered with a number of big brands and has come out with his own NFT collection. The collection is actually a sitcom with the Harlem Globetrotter called “Da Dogg Gone Gym.” In addition to being an NFT creator, Snoop Dogg is also an avid NFT collector. The latest estimate indicates that Snoop Dogg’s NFT collection is worth about $17 million. Thoughts Snoop Dogg is one of the most savvy marketers in the celebrity world and he knows a trend when he sees one. The question is whether this NFT collection will be able to maintain its value. While it is possible that Snoop’s NFT drop will be a success, only time will tell if this NFT project will hold its value. It seems like a lot is riding on the success of the sitcom from which the NFT is based.

2). Lindsay Lohan We know that Lindsay Lohan hasn’t been in the movies for a while. However, the former child actress is not completely out of the celeb picture. Sure she has moved to Abu Dahbi to escape the paparazzi. However, she knows how to draw attention to herself. Recently. Lohan had launched an NFT featuring canine fursona (or furry persona). How did the NFT community react to it? Well, let’s just say that this particular NFT project was not welcomed with open arms. The art was rather derivative and NFT collectors dismissed it outright. Soon afterward, Lohan had withdrawn the NFT from auction. However, she is not completely out of the picture. Lohan recently announced plans for another NFT drop in 2022. Thoughts It’s pretty fashionable to bash Lindsay Lohan. However, her foray into the NFT world should not be dismissed. She has a sizable fan following and a knack for knowing how to generate attention. It may only be time before she has a big NFT breakthrough hit.

3). Quentin Tarantino The legendary filmmaker has also gotten into the NFT game. Recently, the writer-director offers NFTs based on his most popular film “Pulp Fiction.” In all, there will be seven NFTs featured in the collection. The first NFT was already sold for over $1 million. Therefore, it is expected that the other NFTs will go for seven figures as well. However, there is one problem. Tarantino is being sued by Miramax who claim that they own the intellectual property to the words and images of “Pulp Fiction.” This is perhaps one of the highest profile cases regarding NFts out there and should be worth watching. Thoughts As celebrities launch their own NFTs, they will likely run into trouble as to what they own. After all, can a movie star sell an NFT of him in a particular costume if the wardrobe is based on a movie? Can a music star turn one of their songs into an NFT if they don’t own the publishing? The Tarantino/Miramax will be interesting to watch to say the least.

4). Grimes Many people may only know Grimes as the former girlfriend of one of the world’s richest men Elon Musk. However, Grimes has made a reputation for being one of the most creatively adventurous pop stars on the planet. Her mix of music with technology and anime has made her a cult favorite. That’s why it is no surprise that she came out with her own visually stunning collection of NFTs. Her NFT collection of flying space babies generated $6 million in sales, giving her one of the biggest NFT hits of 2021 by a celebrity.

Thoughts Grimes is a natural fit for the NFT world since her work is so visually oriented. In fact, it would not be surprising to see Grimes come out with other NFT projects in the future. Whether or not her future projects will involve flying space babies of Elon Musk is really hard to say. All that we know is that Grimes stuff will always be...weird.

5). Eminem We all know Eminem as the legendary and perpetually angry Detroit rapper. Well, Eminem also stepped into the NFT game in 2021 with a sale of digital collectables through “Shady Con'' an online festival. One of the notable sales was a beat from Eminem which was brought by a collector for $100,000. That collector would end up using the beat and making a rap video which was viewed 13 million times on Youtube. Who knows whether or not Eminem will come up with other NFT drops. Even though it has been a while since Eminem has been on the charts, his name and celebrity status still makes an impact. Thoughts What is interesting here is that Eminem was selling digital assets that the owners can reuse for their own art. The idea of rappers selling beats or drops that other artists can put into their own music is really interesting. It would not be surprising to see other rappers follow Em’s example.

NFTs Gone Hollywood It will only be a matter of time before we see more and more celebrities in the NFT game. Will the space get overcrowded? No doubt. However, we should see some interesting projects with the best quality content rising to the top.

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